PAINT! @ White Conduit Projects, London


Lelia Bryon 

Paul David Chisholm 

Sheefali Asija 

Youngeun Kim 

PRIVATE VIEW: Friday 8th March 6-9pm 

OPEN: Saturday and Sunday 9-10th March 12-6pm 

The concept to put on a show of paintings simply for the medium of the material is so old fashioned it’s practically antique stated Laura Cummings in a Guardian Article in 2013. So in that vain of thinking we bring you the new fashion…… 

Paint! What is the state of Contemporary painting today? Well these four Artists from Chelsea College of Art put on a diverse range of styles and ways of making to explore exactly this issue. When asked Is Painting dead? Yawn stated Charles Saatchi in 2009. Ten years later and that statement still rings true. What a stupid question to ask…. ! 

Chelsea College of Art is World renowned for producing some of the biggest names in Contemporary Painting today and these four students are well on their way too. 

Some 100 years earlier a rather well known painter stated “Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the artists soul”  Vincent Van Goth

Paint in its very simplest form is pigment and a binder but once transformed by the Artist it becomes something else something magical inexplicable and a source of wonderment. It is as Van Goth said the Artists soul. 

Each of the artists in this exhibition have something unique to say a different perspective on painting, its medium, its message and its soul…… 

Paul Chisholm has said of his paintings that its a process which allows his soul to explore and express his deepest fears and emotions. His current series “ Clowning around the jokes on us? explores exactly this issue. 

Shefali Asija goes on to say Science fills me with awe and captures my imagination and gives me a  philosophical view of life and with my painting i explore its ability to capture these qualities to engage viewer  curiuosioty and to get them to think about the nature of existence. 

Lelia Byron’s perspective is I paint stories of people and places both real and imagined. Everything in this world has a story: objects, people, and places. I am a lover of stories and a storyteller myself. I paint individuals, but I also see my work as an exploration of the universality of human dreams, needs, struggles, and joys.

Youngchen says As a painter, do i express openness? When a painter agonises over how to select an object and express it, the object is not the object of reality. It is an object that everyone knows but the object in my painting is the subject of my own thinking at that moment of expression. 

So all in all Painting as a medium and as a message encapsulates the whole of the human spirit. Painting is very much alive !!! 

White Conduit Projects opened in Central London location at 1 White Conduit Street N1 in November 2014. It is showcasing Japanese artists and designers alongside British and international artists in a programme of innovative exhibitions across a variety of media.



Im pleased to say my work " Suffocating Oceans" will be exhibited as a part of the Charity " Blue dot generation at The House of Vans in London. Please see below for more details...