Too Much World @ the cookhouse gallery, Chelsea, London.


Too Much World (Anxiety in a Post Digital World) is an immersive and interactive installation about Anxiety. Join us on May 30 between 5-8pm when we transform one of the rooms at the Cookhouse Gallery into a bedroom for the duration of the show. Various video and sculptural works are staged within this environment, depicting experiences of anxiety from different angles and through different media. The room is also imbued with countless personal items contributed by the featuring artists who have had experiences with anxiety. 
The title of the show is inspired by German artist/theorist, Hito Steyerl’s seminal writing, ‘Too Much World: Is the Internet Dead?’. The exhibition continues her exploration of the dark side of technology, portraying the overwhelming world we receive through different screens of technological devices. 
Within Steyerl's framework, she lays emphasis on the notion that the world we live in is saturated with digital images that are constantly been edited and filtered via postproduction. Not only these images are overwhelming and anxiety inducing, but also they constantly migrate across screens and merge into our reality.They materialise as consumer goods that we own, altering physical places we occupy; they control who we are and what we want to be, and this does not even begin to scope what technology is capable of. 
We have all seen too much world.

This exhibition is a collaboration between Chelsea College of Arts and Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Curated by Anni Li, participating artists include Emily Mulenga, Bo Fan, Paul Chisholm, Qiaoer Jin, Rita Castanheira and Thomas Walker depicting anxiety through their personal experiences through different media and angels.The exhibition aims to confront the beholder’s relationship to technology, and draw attention to its relation to anxiety.

Cookies + Coke An Art Show









Shefali Asija, Lelia Byron, Paul Chisholm, Georg Dahled, MAtt Doughty, Marion Flanagan, Peter Ibberson, CEVIGA ( Kyungok Paik ) Andrea Rocha, Neil Shiereff, Anita Agarwal, (WILMA) Matt Weir and Will Coutts

Ten international artists work together to address problems of a post-Brexit world. Top on the agenda: How will the lonely, isolated British people get their stuff? Britain will stand alone, surviving on warm beer, cabbage and dry biscuits (like the good old days). What will they be willing to sacrifice for the sweet taste of foreign carbonated drinks? 

Taking on the theme of CONSUMPTION, artists will explore what it means to mentally consume ideas, how humans consume the world, and the ethics of consumption. Come feed on artworks that will EAT, DRINK, BREATHE, USE, ABUSE, WATCH, INGEST, DEVOUR, and GOBBLE UP your attention. 

Opening night on the 22nd will feature performances and live music.

25 March

Talks and performances by: Luz Hitters, Crystal Isabel Fischetti, Paul Chisholm

(Episolipsism) Cyrus Lamprecht and Rachel Wong, MAtt DOughty, Rita Castanheira,

(T&P Collective) Marina Silvello and Hannah Duckworth

Arts for Education @ House of Vans

Blue Dot Generation presents ‘The Arts for Education’ at House of Vans. A 4-day immersive event of art, photography, performances, documentaries, panel discussions, sport, fashion, workshops and music, aimed at educating us all on the damage we are doing to the oceans.


This event is an opportunity for old, young, green and non-green audiences to engage and  and their own connection to the planet through creative education. BDG is a sustainability platform promoting the use of the arts for education. By engaging local communities and inspiring international audiences it will transform the relationship between humans and the blue planet. Blue Dot Generation brings together artists, scientists and entrepreneurs who are exploring solutions to the problems our planet is facing. Science and art are both human efforts to understand, explore and describe the world around us, to communicate and share a vision of the world in different ways. Blue Dot Generation aims to harness these powers to educate and engage communities and inspire a change in how we treat the planet.

Our venue, House of Vans, is where “Of  the Wall” lives. It’s a place where imagination lets loose over concrete bowls, art installations, workshops and concert stages, inspiring every person who runs, rolls, or stomps through its door. Located in Chicago, Illinois and Waterloo, London, as well as pop-ups around the world, House of Vans is home to the creativity that moves us.
In the vaults under London’s busiest station, Blue Dot Generation will bring the ocean to the city. Driven by their passion to make a difference, Blue Dot will change people’s habits by helping them visualise the seriousness of the challenges all living things are facing. Although London is far from the sea, this immersive event will transform the relationship between humans and the oceans.

See ArtRabbit for more info



Im pleased to say my work " Suffocating Oceans" will be exhibited as a part of the Charity " Blue dot generation at The House of Vans in London. Please see below for more details... 



Thanks to the lovely paparazzi ...........

I was photographed outside the annual Terrence Higgins Trust auction at Christies in London where " IAM NOT AN ABOMINATION" AND " OUR INJURIES" Were on exhibition for this hugely worthy chairity. The kind people at Getty Images have purchased the rights to this image and you can now purchase it for as little as £495! Please see the link for purchases or click HERE

paul chisholm artist





Queer Art(ists) Now

‘That’s one of the things that “queer” can refer to: the open mesh of possibilities, gaps, overlaps, dissonances and resonances, lapses and excesses of meaning…’ – Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

Queer Art(ists) Now
Presented by And What? Queer Arts Festival and Pilot Press

This eclectic new exhibition located in the large, spacious vault of the old Hackney archives in Haggerston features over 50 artists, performers and makers and offers an insight into the breadth and politics of queer art practice today. 

Together with a series of events, the exhibition offers a focused view of the practices that have formed and continue to shape contemporary queer art, including works by Linder, Prem Sahib, Rottingdean Bazaar, Holly Johnson, Princess Julia, Keith Vaughan, Jeffrey Hinton, John Booth, Urara Tsuchiya, David Hoyle, Paul Chisholm and graduates of the Goldsmiths MFA. 

Over 40 artists out of over 200 applications were selected by our panel, Andrew Ellerby (And What? Director), Olivia Laing (Writer: The Lonely City, Frieze magazine), Evan Ifekoya (Artist) and Richard Dodwell (Pilot Press) to be included in a salon-style exhibition that will take place at Archive Gallery, part of the Mill Co. Project space in Haggerston, London, between Thursday 12th – Sunday 15th October.

Private View: Thursday 12 October, 6 - 9 PM
inc. drinks, canapés and performances

List of events:

Friday 13 October
Queer Life Drawing class, 7 - 9 pm

Saturday 14 October
Perfomance dinner (details to be announced)
with Urara Tsuchiya and Richard Dodwell

The exhibition is run as a not-for-profit with prices of the work determined by the artist, with any profit from sales being returned directly to them.

In addition to the above, Queer Art(ists) Now will be raising money for survivors and local residents of Grenfell Tower, in support of future activism and a planned one-year on memorial project organised by local activist groups. Anyone involved in the exhibition has the option to donate their work to the cause and many of our invited artists have already very kindly agreed to do so. 

This exhibition is for them, for us, and our collective struggle for a world without arms manufacturers, poverty, destruction and those who would wish to deny us our humanity and freedom.



The exhibition Queer Art(ists) Now will provide a snap-shot of what artists within our communities are making right now; an insight into the thoughts, preoccupations, aesthetics, and politics of queer artists. We are interested in the work YOU are making, the content and style is influenced by what you submit. So whilst you are Queer/LGBTQIA+ the work does not necessarily have to represent this, but equally can, and will. The exhibition will present a kaleidoscope of your artistry, as a window on what the fuck is going on.

Up to 50 artists will be selected by our panel to be included in a salon-style exhibition taking place at Archive Gallery in Haggerston, London, between  Thursday 12th – Sunday 15th October. 

Up to 50 artists will be selected by our panel to be included in a salon-style exhibition taking place at Archive Gallery in Haggerston, London, between Thursday 12th – Sunday 15th October. 

Viral Load THT AUCTION @ Christies, London 2017

Im pleased to anounce my work is up for grabs in aid of the Terrence Higgins Trust !

To buy tickets please see :

To view the online Auction book :

To Bid on My art :


THT is a charity i will forver be in debt to without them at the end of the phone i may well have jumped of a cold dark mountain in Switzerland... the work they do saves peoples lives ! 

Everyday Exhibition, New York 2016

Curated by Jean Carlomusto, Alexandra Juhasz and Hugh Ryan, "Everyday" explores the AIDS crisis (historically and currently) through the lens of art and ephemera that looks at and evidences daily experiences & practices in response to HIV/AIDS.

November 17 - December 10, 2016

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 17, 6–9 PM   

Curator & Artist Talk: Wednesday, December 7, 6-8

Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Sunday: 1pm – 7:00pm


The exhibition includes artwork and ephemera by Babycastles, Anne Balsamo, Barton Lidice Beneš, Jean Carlomusto, Curtis CarmanPaul Chisholm, Ian Clyde, darkroom danny, T De Long, Chloe Dzubilo, Delphine Fawundu-Buford, fierce pussy, Avram Finkelstein, Peggy Frank, Fuck Laws Flash Collective, Gay Men's Health Crisis, Carl GeorgeFelix Gonzalez-TorresJohn HanningEva Hayward, Edward Hochschild, Mark S. King, Kia Labeija, Carol Leigh, Nancer LemoinsGin Fong Louie, Dale MacDonald, Joyce McDonald, Juanita Mohammed, Ray NavarroLuna Luis OrtizGrahame Perry, Poster Virus, LJ Roberts, Randy Freedomclay Rogers, Fábian Rios Rubino, Ivan Safrin, Dudley Saunders, Loren Schmidt, James SimmondsMichael Slocum, Southern Living AIDS Quilt, Zara Steadman, Hugh Steers, Nelson Sullivan, Justin B. Terry-Smith, Prashast Thapan, The NAMES Project, James Wentzy, Frederick WestonJessica Whitbread, Jon Winet, Albert Winn and Tanya Wischerath.  

Curatorial Statement: "AIDS is an everyday experience. By this, we mean it is both common and ongoing; quotidian and unending. Yet its history – like all history – is being written in Boldfaced Names and Significant Dates, especially those from the near past. Like the moon that eclipses the sun because it is closer to our frame of reference, the enormity of that moment of the AIDS crisis threatens to blind us to both the sprawling present and the unknowable future. Moreover, the significance of this artist or that day is always less than the significance of the cumulative reality of life in the time of AIDS.  

In EVERYDAY, we bring together work that engages with the “now” of AIDS, both historically and currently. Some of the work uses the materials of AIDS, from pills to pamphlets, while other pieces chronicle daily responses, from protest to prayer. Much of the work speaks in the vernacular of its own moment, whether that be wheatpaste, VHS, or an app. Some of it is made by professional artists whose gift is to speak of and to the world around them, while other pieces were made by intuitive creators who were driven to respond to the crisis as one mode of survival – the same spirit that drove us to make this exhibition.  

Someday we will have a cure, and the infrastructure and political will to get it to everyone who needs it. But until then, AIDS is EVERYDAY."  

The exhibition is made possible through the generous support of The Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation. Public events are supported by Humanities New York.

A special Everyday 2017 Calendar was created for the exhibition and will be available online and at the gallery after December 7, 2016